To introduce myself briefly - I'm a designer/art director with 10 years of experience and 100+ of completed projects in my portfolio. 

If you'd like a longer story, here goes:




My diploma says communication science. Why not something more design related? - You might ask. Well, design is visual communication after all. 

The knowledge and set of skills I acquired during years of studies has proven to be of a great practical value for me as a designer. The whole internet in it's countless shapes and forms is nothing other than a huge communication experiment, so having gone through the academic joy and grind of communication science studies gives me an edge in my work. 

It shapes my attitude, influences thought process and, I'd like to believe, brings more depth to what I do. Understanding of semiotics is invaluable when it comes to branding while communication psychology is very useful when constructing user experience. 

All dots connect.


Work experience

Before starting my own studio five years ago, I was head of design department and art director in a major digital agency. 

Intense years spent at this position were undoubtedly a huge catalyst for me as a professional and as a person. Being responsible for a department of 10+ people, their satisfaction as well as the results taught me patience and humility and I couldn't have done without strong work ethic.

I worked with some ridiculously talented people. I admire them to this day. They taught me most of what I know about design.

Being involved closely in the inner-workings of the company gave me the knowledge about the market and business in general. 

All in all, I do have some mileage on me and I believe it translates to efficiency and versatility of my work.



Attitude and approach

I focus on very few projects at a time. This way I can deliver high quality and give my clients attention they deserve.

I don't just make pictures, but rather try to convey meaning and think deep into the design challenges I'm facing. That couldn't be done juggling multiple projects at once. 

As for the working process, I give projects as much attention as is possible. Once the ball gets rolling and the project reaches flow state, I expect attention from clients as well. It's important not to lose momentum and hey - who doesn't like their projects finished quicker?

This attitude is a result of years' practice and is proved to give best outcome in a reasonable time span.


see my skills in action