Clients talk

Working with Karolis was a super smooth process. It's a rare thing to find understanding this good. He's motivated, fresh with ideas and solutions and is a great creative partner.

Tomas Ramanauskas, Creative Director/co-owner at NEW! agency, critic, writer, lecturer

Karolis is one of the best designers and art-directors I’ve ever worked with. When you put a decade of experience together with natural sense of aesthetics, work ethics and responsibility you get amazing results and smooth predictable process. 

Siarhei Stashkevich, Owner and Creative Lead at


I started working with with Karolis 10 years ago and continue to this day. This long lasting relationship is the best evidence of his professionalism - from the way how he assimilates the information to providing the result. He is oriented to delivering the very right message, so his ideas hit straight to the point. 

Zivile Diawara, co-founder at Art Factory Loftas

I went to Karolis Masilionis because he was recommended to me as a designer who only does things that he likes, hoping that he would like my idea. I needed a clean, minimalist look which at the same time would carry no pretentious undertones. I got what I needed, and more.

Andrius Uzkalnis, food critic, published author, radio show host

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