Studio v4 are developers and some really good ones, however there's always a cognitive gap between a client and the developer, the world of code often looks so alien to a layman. Therefore, the corporate website had to create an image of an easy going and approachable team of coding professionals.


To convey an American Cafe style, I created a series of emblems for the menu items. Brown colour scheme further fuels the retro feel.


I created a clean, but not entirely minimalistic design with some of that 80's truckers' diner menu feel to reverse the image of Sv4 being emotionless codeheads and to present them being simple and easygoing as you and me.


Icons are relatively easy to come up with, when they mean something simple and generally agreed upon, like e-mail or thumbs up. It’s slightly more difficult to illustrate something more abstract like Custom Web Apps

In Studio v4 case I had to juggle around with some symbols to depict their services.