Vyturys is a digital publishing house. Once subscribed you can access their full library and read to your heart's content

Based on an advanced reader app it is packed with all kinds of features - book reviews, individual statistics with visual data, options to manage your books across shelves. And, of course, you'll be able to access the library from all the platfroms - desktop, tablet or phone.

A good reader app was essential for this project. Besides basic functions, such as adjusting fonts or turning "night vision" on and off, it has a bunch of additional functionality. Such as highlighting and adding your own comments over the content. It comes in quite handy when studying or researching.



Vyturys is packed with interesting reading statistics and individual challenges for every user.

 Visualised data makes reading more fun and motivates readers to challenge their previous achievements or read more than their friends. Even though reading is not a competition, getting through that reading list your teacher gave you might be quite of a chore.  Vyturys makes it infinitely more fun by introducing social elements and visualizing data.